Iron Man 3(Review)

Iron Man 3(Review)

For my first review I figured it would be the last in theaters movie I had seen. Iron Man 3 if the first post-avengers marvel film that would also be the beginning of their “phase 2” line up. Iron Man 3 deals with the ramifications from the Avengers. Tony now realizes that he isn’t truly the only “super” in the world and that there are other worlds that look to take on Earth. As any human being this is difficult to fully grasp and we see Tony deal nightly with it in nightmares and even throughout his day. Robert Downey Jr. looks like he is Tony Stark 100% . There is no way anyone else could be in the role but him. The movie is loud and explosive like a Marvel popcorn flick should be but because Shane Black (who is mainly a comedic director/writer/actor) is directing the film takes an extreme overhaul in the comedic side. Each Iron Man film has had a more lighter side even though the tones have been trying to go the dark side like The Dark Knight perfected. Marvel should take the hint to stick to their guns. The Avengers did exactly what Marvel should do by making large scope action films. I can’t blame them for wanting to humanize Tony in this film. It would have been worse to pretend he isn’t affected at all by things in New York. The worst part of the film is the Mandarin. In the Comics he is Tony’s top adversary. He is the Joker to Batman for Iron Man. What we expect is to see the Ten Rings organization come into the forefront with the ten rings themselves. We don’t. What we get is a full 180 twist in character development the way Talia Al Ghul is done in the Dark Knight Rises.
The center of the film being Tony and Pepper is the best part. The chemistry feels so natural. It is good to see her role become more prominent even though it is in a different route than the comics. I am all for freedom. This is one of the good things I’m glad they did. Mandarin is not but I get why they did it. If the true Mandarin was depicted it could be the Avengers 1.5 . Iron Man would need S.H.I.E.L.D. or someone to assist taking away from his character. The final aspect of the film that could’ve been a bit more fleshed out is the Extremis Program. In the comics Tony gets this upgrade to his body and suit where he could call upon it whenever he needed it even if it was miles away. They had that in the film but not in the same format. Tony never uses the Extremis which is a shame. The film supports a high quality supporting actor squad of Rebecca Hall, Guy Pierce and Sir Ben Kingsley who all do exceptionally well with what they are given.

The film is half-great/ half-so so. 3.5 / 5 Stars (B)


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